Jessica's Mission:

I believe that family law is more than just a business; it's a way for me to help people get through, what may be, the most painful time in their life.


I strive to make the divorce process easier on my clients and their families.


I believe that any legal issue that you encounter can be extremely stressful and confusing.


I consider it my responsiblility to make sure you understand your rights.



We are a boutique law firm with a focus on family law. However, we do practice in many areas of the law in addition to family law.


We make sure our clients know that we are there for them whenever they need us. We will always keep you informed about any and all developments in your case.  Our goal is to make your life easier.


         "I take my job personally. I really believe that we have two choices in life: The first choice is to simply exist. The second choice is to act with intention and hope that the people you encounter are in some way better off because of something you have done. I wake up every morning insisting on choosing hope.

What you can expect from me:


I strive to empower my clients. I will explain the laws in a way that you can understand. I will make sure that you have accurate and reasonable expectations about the divorce process, and your particular case.


I am available to my clients when they need me.


I will return your calls.


I will respond to your e-mails.


I will always treat you with dignity and respect and expect/demand that all my clients treat everyone they encounter the same.

What I expect from my clients:


This is your life and I work for you. But, we have to be a team. I can not do my job without you.

You are always the most important, most knowledgeable, and most invested member of your legal team because nobody knows more about your life or has more at stake than you do.


The more information you can provide, in a timely manner, the faster, and more efficiently, I can do my job.




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