Are you sure you did that?


Having a checklist means that you never have to answer that question.


Use this checklist for every motion you file or must answer.


It covers every step, from drafting/recieving to putting the signed Order in the file, to make organization and keeping an updated calendar effortless.


As soon as you know you need to draft a motion or answer, print this out for the file. Create the habit, use it, and it will save you time.

Motion Checklist

  • Click here to download Motion Checklist 

  • Using a checklist means you stop wasting time and energy double checking your work.


    Never again have to say, "Let me look through the file and check that date."


    If you took a minute to add up the time you have spent looking for filing dates, motion dates, when answers were recieved or ar due, etc., you would be annoyed at attempting the math, but you'd come to the same answer I did - TOO LONG!!!


    When your files are organized and the information you need is easier to find, you are simply a more efficient attorney. You have more free time. So take on more cases, take longer coffee breaks, or spend a Friday not working. 


    *Bonus! For those clients that NEED to know everything, everyday (you know, the ones who call and email daily asking when something was filed or signed, whose phone number on the caller ID makes you question why you ever went to lawschool and whether 10:30 am is too early for a cocktail), just send them a copy of your checklist. BAM! Now you are a happy lawyer without a drinking problem.