Do you need an attorney who practices in a different area of the law?

My goal is to serve and have a positive impact on everyone who finds their way to me, whether in person, by phone, or online.

The least I can do is provide you with a tool to find the right attorney for you.

The website is a great resource.

Avvo is a website that I describe as "Yelp, but for Attorneys." Avvo lists every licensed attorney in the country and an attorney can NOT opt out of being listed.


Not only does AVVO list every attorney's name, but it also allows anyone to post comments and reviews about any attorney. Attorneys can't edit, alter, or delete the comments and reviews.

Some attorneys, like me, choose to "claim their name" and provide additional information about themselves and their practice, along with answering legal questions that people post to the site. 


Attorneys do not pay or get paid to provide answers and/or advice. And, even better, it is FREE for anyone to post their legal question on AVVO.

So, now that you know a little about the website, click HERE to see what information AVVO has about me and every other attorney, post a question, and, maybe, find an attorney who is right for you.